A few months ago I started writing stuff on the internet and called it a blog. Around that time I also started the MonoGame.Extended project. As a natural result, most of my blog posts have been about MonoGame.Extended or somewhat related to MonoGame and the tools around it.

This isn't the first blog I've ever written either. My previous attempts at blogging failed miserably and that pretty much boiled down to one reason. I talked about myself too much. It's a common mistake but the reality is people really don't care about what you did on the weekend (unless you're famous).

So in my next attempt at blogging I tried to make sure that every blog post solved (somebody else's) real problem. My blog posts turned into tutorials and lists of useful tools. As it turns out, this works great. People actually care about this stuff and the traffic on my blog is pretty reasonable.

BAM Success

The thing is though, I always felt a little odd about the purpose of this blog. I called the blog DylanWilson.net because hey, it makes sense to own a domain named after yourself right? It also made sense at the time write about MonoGame.Extended because that's what I've been working on. However, I feel there's a couple of issues:

  1. MonoGame.Extended is supposed to be completely open source. The tutorials don't really belong on my blog.
  2. I'd like to write about other things on my blog.

So from this date forward I've decided to move the MonoGame.Extended tutorials to the github wiki where everyone can edit them. I've also decided to make my blog a bit more open to other topics. There's a good chance a lot of it is still going to be MonoGame related but I may also talk about other development tech that I use in my day job.