One of the challenges of using a new library in your project is getting past the initial learning curve. That's why I've been working on creating samples for each feature in the MonoGame.Extended library.

Each sample in the samples repository is intended to provide a simple getting started style example for the features in the library. Here are a few screenshots from the samples as they are today.

Bitmap Fonts sample

BitmapFont sample

The bitmap font samples shows how text can be rendered using the BMFont tool as an alternative to SpriteFonts.

2D Camera sample

Camera2D sample

The 2D camera sample shows how a camera can be used to generate a view matrix that is passed into each SpriteBatch.Begin call. The sprite batches can be layered and rendered with a different parallax factor for a nice depth effect.

Sprites sample

Sprite sample

The sprites sample shows how different sprites can be rendered with a sprite batch extension method. The properties of each sprite can be controlled individually. For example, a sprite can be rotated around a point of origin or faded in and out.

Input listeners sample

InputListener sample

The input listeners sample shows an implementation of a simple console window. Text can be typed in the bottom and the console writes a log of each input event.

If you want to try the MonoGame.Extended library in your next project check out the install guide.

Happy coding!