The new MonoGame.Extended NuGet package v0.3 has been published is ready to be installed into your game!

Add a reference to your MonoGame project using the following command:

Install-Package MonoGame.Extended -Pre

Remember, if you're upgrading from a previous version you'll need to edit your Content.mgcb file and change the version number of the MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline.dll reference:


A sizable collection of new features have been contributed to the library this month.


The new Samples Repository contains a collection of getting started style samples for the features in the library. We'll be adding more samples for new features shortly. Special thanks to cra0zy for porting them to Linux.

As an added bonus, all of the samples are built automatically by our build system to detect breaking changes to the API.

Sprite Animators

Get some animated sprites in your game using frame based sprite sheets. The SpriteAnimator uses a TextureAtlas to animate a sprite like the one shown below. This feature will see some more improvements in the next version, but even this early implementation is pretty cool.



ContinuousClock and CountdownTimer have been added for when you want to spawn the occasional zombie or implement a build timer in an RTS (for example).

FPS Counter

We've added a FramesPerSecondCounter class to the library as a simple way to measure the frame rate of your game. Handy for debugging those performance intensive Draw loops.

Other notable changes

  • The Camera2D now has the ability to clamp the zoom within a range preventing the camera from being zoomed in or out too far.
  • There's now a Circle class in the library to accompany MonoGame's Rectangle class

Bug Fixes

  • MouseListener double click events now fire on mouse down rather than mouse up.
  • The NuGet package now correctly references the Pipeline DLL when targeting .NET 4.0
  • The Camera2D bounding frustum no longer returns a half pixel offset

Keep an eye on the blog for more news to follow. As always you check out the project on github.