The MonoGame.Extended NuGet package was published last night and is ready to be installed into your game!

Add a reference to your project using the following command:

Install-Package MonoGame.Extended -Pre

This is the first real release, because v0.1 only existed to get the release cycle started. It may be new, but it packs a slew of awesome features to kick off the library.

  • Tile based maps using the Tiled map editor (orthogonal only)
  • Bitmap Fonts using the BMFont tool
  • Sprites and SpriteBatch extensions
  • Input Listeners for event driven input handing (Keyboard, Mouse and Touch)
  • Texture Atlases using the JSON format in TexturePacker
  • 2D Camera with pan, zoom and rotation
  • Viewport Adapters for resolution independent rendering

There's also the new MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline.dll included in the package for use with the MonoGame Pipeline tool; adding importers and processors for the texture atlases, bitmap fonts and Tiled maps. Read the install instructions for more information on how to use it.

I'll be talking more about each of these features in the coming weeks on the blog. Stay tuned.

If you'd like to contribute to project check it out on github.