I started the MonoGame.Extended project to help game developers make games.

The library is coming along nicely with a decent set of features from a number of contributors. But developing a library in isolation of its usage seems silly. That's why the next step in MonoGame.Extended's development is to make a game with it.

The game is going to be small in scope and make use of art from gamedevmarket.net. My focus is still, and always has been making MonoGame.Extended more awesome. So it's important that development of the game drives development of the library and doesn't distract from it.

If you're making a game with MonoGame and you're not yet using MonoGame.Extended yet I'd love to know why? Maybe there's something missing? A showstopper bug? Or it just doesn't do things the way you want? These are the questions I'm trying to answer by making a game with it.

Lastly, this is a call out to others to make games with MonoGame.Extended. If you're already making one, or plan to make one let me know in the comments.