My name is Dylan Wilson. This is my little corner of the internet. I built it myself.

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my wife, three kids, three computers, three Android tablets, an Android phone, an iPhone and an iPad.

I consider myself an experienced, passionate software developer. My wife might call it an obsession, perhaps it is. I have a particular interest in making tools for game developers. Although, I'm pretty happy as long as I'm making any kind of software.

When I was about 12, my dad bought a 386SX 25mhz PC 1mb of RAM and an 80mb hard drive. Shortly after, I broke it, and dad told me to read the manual and figure out how to fix it. That was the turning point, I never looked back.

I started coding by picking apart Nibbles in Microsoft QBASIC for DOS, then I made a little clone of space invaders with my own touch of awesome. I've been coding ever since.

I moved through the various programming languages including Visual Basic for Windows, C, C++, Java, PHP, among others, eventually landing on C# around the start of the millennium. I still dabble in various other languages from time to time, or when the job at hand calls for it. But most of my experience to date is C# and the .NET stack.